Hi, I’m Pablo Huertas, design-focused web developer. My last work was PIZZA24™ for Codea Studio. With Koln Studio I worked in: Medios Sintientes for Medialab Matadero; ColourFeel –they shift perspectives–; Raft for a speculative architect called Tomás Clavijo; and the online portfolio of stylist Laura Vandall. For Paseo Studio I made: Menttores, a non-governmental organization which helps students; MIL Studios, leader in interior design; and Extudio, an architecture studio. I also made: the online portfolio of Parka Sound, an independent music studio, designed by Peter Van Langen; and the online portfolio of Sara De Ubieta, speculative shoe designer, by María Pérez Trillo. If you are interested in working together, please contact me at info@pablohuertas.com. You can follow me on Instagram, but better follow Dialektik and listen to our podcast series at SoundCloud.